Santa Claus?

Little by little, the sleepy North Pole Village was awakened by shouts and laughter of children, human, snowchild, and elf, all surprised by a gift left by the helpers. Every parent was tired but happy and quite content to watch his children play while he sat and visited with friends and relatives before a glowing fireplace while sharing a pot of tea.

Late in the afternoon Queen Jadwiga visited the home of Goodfellow Kringle where all of the Kringles were gathered to celebrate Christmas.

Kris and Nicholas Kringle were just saying that if they had one wish, it would be never to miss giving any child on earth a present. Nicholas told Queen Jadwiga that he wished that he could make sick children and parents well, but the Queen reminded him that no one on earth has the power to cure all sicknesses, but that that is one reason why it is so special when we can help people even in little ways.

"I am so proud of the North Pole Villagers," Queen Jadwiga said. "All day I have heard reports coming in from all over the world. Children and parents are delighted and grateful for the gifts." Then the little old monarch giggled. "You know, as careful as you both were, you were seen by some people."

"They call you Father Christmas in England, Pere Noel in France Santa Claus in North America, and they confuse you with Saint Nicholas,"

"Ha! Santa Claus!" whooped Nicholas Kringle as he slapped Kris on the back.

everyone laughed and they called Kris Kringle Santa Claus all day. Even the helpers were now known as Santa Claus' helpers. Kris never minded, though, he wanted everyone to call him a name in his own language to be comfortable.

"Now Kris, I have a little gift for you, " Queen Jadwiga said as she handed him a beautifully wrapped box with a big red and green ribbon.

Kris thanked Her Majesty and opened the box. Inside was a red tea shirt with big white letters that said Santa Claus on both the front and the back. Kris laughed and put the shirt on. Everyone had a good day and resolved to make each Christmas thereafter happier.

This ends the Legend of Kris Kringle.