The Awful Goblin Nether Realm

Nicholas Kringle summoned a messenger pigeon to send to Daro and the Trolls to ask them for their help, as they were sure to know if anyone entered their domain, while Kris Kringle arranged a posse with his father, and Olaf, and a few good men. Each took a canteen of water, a swift reindeer, and plenty of gold coins for the trolls.

As they neared the awful Goblin nether realm, goblin sentries looked down from their stalactite lookout posts on Kris Kringle and the posse below and snickered at them as they rode single file on their sure footed reindeer down the steep path. The bad goblins hurled boulders at them to stop them.

Halfway to the Goblinkeep, the Goblins came to the troll bridge where, as usual, they pushed the trolls aside and refused to pay the Troll toll. The Trolls, however, had been warned of the goblins' coming by the messenger pigeon.

"I give up, Bulu," said Daro the troll. "You and the Goblins have never paid me a fare yet without a fight. Why don't you and the others just rest here a while, while you and I talk things over to see if we can resolve this peacefully?"

Bulu the Goblin was confident that he had evaded his pursuers, and that Holly would remain quiet. He himself was tired and agreed to rest there a while. Daro and the Trolls lit bonfires and brought out jugs of the goblins' favorite onion wine and stinky cheese tidbits for the Goblin horde.

Secretly, Daro watched for any any sign of Holly. He caught sight of a burlap sack which an Iron Staffer Goblin guarded.

"Stay put, little lady," said the Iron Staffer, "Our King Muso just loves pumpkin pies and you will make many for him. It is an honor to give your life in service to our King Muso." Then he gave an evil laugh and went over to grab some onion wine and a big hunk of stinky cheese.

Inside the sack Holly determined that she would never be the slave of a Goblin king. She knew that her father, and Kris Kringle would come to rescue her. She had faith, thinking of the day when she would marry Kris.

The trolls found Holly and distracted the Goblins with onion wine and stinky cheese while Kris Kringle found Holly in the sack. He whispered to Holly that she should be quiet because they were going to rescue her. Holly's heart leapt with joy! Kris cut the seam in the burlap bag and Holly was let out. In her place the trolls filled the sack with some pumpkins. Then they sewed the seam of the sack shut again. In the meantime Kris took Holly to safety where her father and the posse waited with their reindeer. Under the cover of darkness, they made their way home to the old elf town of Kral.

Chapter Six - Sobbing Goblins