The North Poles to the Rescue

Not long after Kris and Holly were married, the townspeople of Kral woke to find that the minions of Muso the Goblin King had nailed an order from the Goblinkeep onto the Great Hall doors demanding all the iron from the town of Kral to be piled up in sleighs by the city gates in three days time. Furthermore it was ordered that each year at the Harvestfest, the people of Kral were to select their fairest maiden to be given to Bulu the Iron Staff bearer on the right in service to King Muso. It was further decreed that each year at the Harvestfest, the town select their most noble lad to be given to Osa, the iron staff bearer on the left in service to King Muso. The order warned that ten legions from the Goblinkeep in the Nether Realm would descend on their village and burn it to the ground along with everyone in it if these demands were not me. The villagers were given three days to obey.

Secret meetings were convened to decide what to do about the Goblins' demands. It was unanimously decided that the Goblins could not be reasoned with and worse, as time went on, the Goblins were sure to make more demands of the villagers. At any rate, not one villager was willing to part with his son or daughter.

Goblins have supper at midnight and sing and dance until dawn, so they don't ever wake up until noon time. They didn't know that in elf towns people get up with the chickens very early. Many villagers went to live with friends and relatives in nearby towns. They left their possessions and crept past the sleepy Goblin guards when the first rooster crowed, to give them the signal to leave.

Kris and Nicholas Kringle and many of the others decided to move so far away that the Goblins would never bother them again.

The deer keepers of Kral made sure that none of the flying reindeer would be left for the Goblin hoards to misuse. All of the flying reindeer were given to Olaf Larson Goodjul to escape from the Goblins.

During the night there was a heavy snowfall. Like every morning, the villagers hitched up their sleighs. It seemed to the Goblins that nothing was unusual, since the townspeople still had six hours left tot submit to the rule of King Muso or be burned out.

This time things were very different. When the villagers were all seated in their sleighs, Kris Kringle gave the signal, and on cue, teams of reindeer flew high up into the sky right in front of a dumbfounded Goblin horde. There was now no way to track the escaped villagers in the snow. The Goblins could not hear the reindeer either, for today they wore no bells to give away their positions. Neither could the Goblins sniff out the reindeer for they were too high overhead.

Lead by Kris Kringle, the refugees of Kral huddled into formation and flew north. Reindeer can cover many miles more in the air then they can by land. In a short while they were far, far, away.

On a hunting expedition some time before, Kris, Nicholas, and the hunters had came into contact with a group of people who had established a small village. Kris hoped that upon hearing of their problems, these people would have mercy on them and offer them shelter. These people were originally from a village in Poland which had become overcrowded. Deep in the frozen show they built themselves a new village. Now they called themselves the North Poles and their Village North Pole Land.

There was an old woman, who was as wise as she was kind. She was named Jadwiga. Her hair was long, and as white as the snow, and she was their Queen. Queen Jadwiga and the council invited the refugees from Kral to come to the North Pole Village to live and to share with them.

Back in Kral the Goblin horde was dumbfounded. "Rats!" shouted Bulu the Iron Staff Bearer of the Right. On seeing that the villagers of Kral had escaped, Bulu shook in fear. What he wondered, would King Muso do to him when he learned of yet another failure? Later that day in the Goblinkeep, King Muso broke down the door in Bulu's chamber and shoved a weeping Graila at her father's feet.

"Keep your precious daughter," snarled King Muso, "she is lazy. She can't cook or sew or be of any use to me. I'll find another more suitable cookmaiden from my new Staff Bearer of the Right, Kaylu. Give me that ring of office back."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Bulu said as he handed back the ring of office.

"I never want to see you again! Be gone by noon tomorrow," ended the King with a door slam.

"Oh, father. I'm so happy to be free and here with you," said Graila.

Bulu hugged his daughter and said, "I couldn't stand thinking of you working your fingers to the bone for that old nose picker. I never realized how much a father could grieve and miss his daughter. I can hardly wait for us to move away from these barracks of Muso in the Goblinkeep. Tomorrow I will take us to live in your grandmother's home near the earth's surface. We ill be safe there." Bulu assured his dear little Graila.

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