Once Upon a Harvestfest

In the old elftown of Kral, leaves of crimson, gold, and orange, floated down from the tree tops like confetti onto the village streets beneath. The busy villagers waved at Kris Kringle as he drove his wagon to the cottage of Olaf, the deerkeeper.

Jingles and Ringles, Kris Kringle's canine companions, jumped off of the wagon into the yard of Olaf Larson Goodjul to visit with their deer friends and frolic in the Autumn leaves.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! What's this Olaf?" asked Kris, pointing to a huge carved pumpkin with a candle in it.

Olaf's Harvest Lantern "Why, that's my harvest lantern," answered Olaf. "I picked it from our garden, and had a lot of fun carving it, I scooped out the insides and gave them to to my wife and my daughter to use for the pie baking contest tonight at the Harvest Festival."

"That's really beautiful, Olaf. I'm going to the Great Hall next to drop off some bells that I made. My brother and I will be judging the pie baking contest, so I'll see you there later," said Kris Kringle.

"Thank you," smiled Olaf as he brought out two ribbons and a cookie from his purse to pay Kris for the bells. Then, Kris Kringle waved as he turned his wagon around to go on to the Great Hall. Jingles and Ringles jumped into their Master's wagon.

Chapter Two - The Deerkeeper of Kral