The Legend of Kris Kringle

The Wedding

For weeks they waited and the villagers of Kral saw no sign of a Goblin threat. Gradually life in Kral returned to normal and Kris and Holly set a dat for their wedding. Everyone was happy to celebrate the happy event.

Early in the morning, Jingles and Ringles, Goodfellow Kringle's dogs, woke Kris Kringle. Kris sat up in his bed and smiled saying, "Today is the day that I finally make Holly my wife." Nicholas Kringle knocked on the door.

"I'm awake, come in, brother," Kris said. Nicholas entered and wished his brother a happy wedding day. He said that their mother had the break fast ready and waiting in the kitchen.

Kris washed and dressed quickly. When all were seated downstairs at the break fast table, Goodfellow Kringle said, "I would like to take a moment to say how grateful I am to be able to be here with all of you on such a happy occasion as this."

Everyone said that he was also happy and grateful for such a wonderful day. Then Lavinia brought in a platter of freshly crisped bread which she passed around the table for everyone.

"As your mother, Kris, I claim the right to propose a toast," she said as she lifted her piece of bread in the air. "To your happiness with Holly, dear son. Let us break bread together."

With that, each slice of bread was broker and put back o the tray to be served to the birds in the yard that they too might partake in the happiness of the day and bless it with their happy songs.

Lavinia had prepared a traditional elfin break fast.

Three pancakes,
Two sunny side up eggs,
and a strip of Bacon were
arranged specially on the plate.

Lavinia folded the napkins
in the form of doves as a sign
of peace to all those who gathered
to break their fast.

A special round, raised cake
with a hole in the middle was
served to remind all of the
wedding ring. It was dunked into tea
with lemon just because
elves like it that way.

In Kral, after a child was born and had been blessed by the fairy Godmothers, the fairy Godmothers continued to watch over the child throughout his entire life.

As soon as Holly was dressed and ready to go to the great hall, a gentle magical bill tinkled in the air. Down the chimney wafted four clouds which materialized into the forms of the Lilac Fairy, the Orange Fairy, The Red Fairy, and The Green Fairy, all of who were Holly's fairy Godmothers.

All together they chanted,
"Something hidden,
Something seen,
Something red,
Something green.
Every bride must
have these four,
Nothing less,
Nothing more."

"Oh, you've come!" Helina welcomed as she clasped her hands. "Thank you for coming," greeted Holly with a curtsy.

"Come away form the window," said the Lilac Fairy.
"Come away from the door," said the Orange Fairy.
"Come away from the bed post," said the Red Fairy
"Stand here on the floor," said the Green Fairy

Holly obeyed. Everyone stood back and waited silently, knowing that something magical was about to happen.

The Lilac Fairy waved her wand and chanted,
"Begin with fragrance,
Unseen yet there.
The scent of lilacs
you shall wear."
A sachet appeared by magic and
was tucked into the gown which Holly wore.

Then the Orange Fairy stepped
forward with her wand.
"the gift I bring
on this special day,
orange blossoms for a wedding bouquet."
A beautiful bouquet of flowers
appeared in Holly's hands.

The Red Fairy followed.
She smiled at them Kindly
Then she extended her wand.
"The next is mine,
To do my part.
A necklace fine,
A red ruby heart."
A sparkling necklace
appeared around Holly's neck.

heart necklace
The Green Fairy took her turn.
"The last is mine,
to give you, Holly.
Mistletoe and pine
with green be jolly."
Instantly Holly's head was graced
with a delicate crown of
mistletoe and pine.

Holly and her mother were very happy.

"My thanks for your thoughts, and your lovely presents, but I thank you most, for your goodly presence. Pray, attend the wedding. Be our guests. Dance and dine,and be refreshed," said Holly.

"A good chance," said Lilac.
"A good deal," said Orange
"A good dance, said Red.
"A good meal," said Green.

This time they flew up the chimney to the great hall to attend the wedding and festivities.

Holly and her family climbed into the coach which was pulled by six reindeer, which Olaf, Holly's father, drove to the great hall. When the doors opened, the beautiful music of the piano flauta greeted the beautiful bride. At the end of the aisle, Holly saw Kris and his brother Nicholas waiting. Kris was so happy to see Holly coming through the doors of the great hall to marry him.

When the music stopped, everyone sat down except for Kris and Holly who stood in front of the Grandelf to exchange their wedding promises. There in the sight of the Grandelf and all of the people, Kris and Holly promised to love each other and to help each other for the rest of their lives.

"And now, good people of Kral, as Kris and Holly have promised to love and help each other for the rest of their lives, I pronounce Holly Goodjul and Kris Kringle, man and wife. May they live together in great happiness," the Grandelf proclaimed.

Holly's fairy Godmothers, Holly, Kris, Nicholas, and Jingles and Ringles.

The music of the pianoflauta again softly filled the air with its beauty while people spoke to the newly married couple to present their good wishes. After a short while Kris and Holly sat down to a feast with all the people who had come to the wedding.

When it was time to go, Kris and Holly climbed into the sleigh. Everyone said a final goodbye and then Kris drove off saying, "Our thanks to you all, and to all a good night!"