Sobbing Goblins

"King Muso will have his cook maiden," boasted Bulu who was drunk on onion wine and stuffed with stinky cheese.

Unaware that they had lost their prize, Bulu commanded the goblin hoard to continue so that they could reach the Goblinkeep before midnight when the goblins dance and sing.

Late that night the posse and Holly arrived home.

"Holly, my daughter, I was so very worried about you," said her mother, Helina. Her sisters Noel and Merry, were so very glad to see her.

Holly told the family all about how Kris came to her rescue and Kris told them that he had never known a person so kind and gentle as Holly and begged their permission to marry their daughter. Olaf Larson Goodjul and his wife gave Kris their blessing gladly. Filled with gratitude, happiness, and hopes for the future they all retired exhausted.

King Muso had a rotten fang ache and had retired early. His Majesty Muso had finally drifted off into a sound sleep and was extremely crabby when awakened by Bulu's knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Muso bellowed.

"Bulu, staff bearer of the right, with your new cookmaiden, Your Majesty," the goblin answered. "She is a prize winning baker."

King Muso was eager to see his new cookmaiden and opened the sack himself. The pumpkins rolled out onto the floor.

Graila the goblin's daughter.You fool! You oaf! You imbecile! You complete nincompoop!" King Muso bellowed. "The human has escaped and you are to blame, Bulu! Because or your gross incompetence you will give me your very own daughter, Graila, for my cookmaiden immediately. Go and do my bidding, forthwith!"

Bulu seethed with rage, for although he didn't care what happened to other goblins' or peoples' daughters, he did care about his own daughter. Alas, it was useless to defy the power of the Goblin King. Already a detail of iron staffers was sent to fetch Graila, his only daughter, to the goblin kitchens.

Under his breath he muttered, "You will pay for this you Kringles! Woe to you trolls! I will have my revenge on the village of Kral. The grief stricken goblin had made a vow.

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