Lake Ess

At the North Pole Village, ice and snow covered everything all year round. Kris and Nicholas Kringle were thankful to Queen Jadwiga and the village council for allowing the fugitives from Kral to live with them, but they knew that having enough food was a problem. Fortunately Jeff Parsnips had come to the village to vegetate, that is to grow vegetables.

Jeff Parsnips was, to all appearances, an ordinary looking man, with the exception of his green beard, which he dyed with a special vegetable dye to remind people of just how important a job growing things is. He had been experimenting through trial and error with a solution which would allow plants to grow in water with hydroponics. Now he had the idea that he could adapt the solution to grow plants in ice with his patented polarponics.

Everyone was very excited about this. Queen Jadwiga and the village council gave Jeff Parsnips and the Vegetarians a parcel of land to experiment with. This land was near to the village where a stretch of snowshore surrounded a small fishless lake called Lake Ess. There the Vegetarians settled in and vegetated. Kris and Nicholas Kringle drew a map for the permanent records of the Village council.

That night in the North Pole Village, Princess Kasia remarked, "It seems that the good people from Kral might be the answer to our prayers for enough food. I never imagined that by helping others, we would be the ones being helped."

"A kindness is never wasted, my dear," said Queen Jadwiga.

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