The Magic Green Dress

Holly came into the stable. She was crying and said that she could not go with them to the Harvestfest because one of their goats had eaten her new party dress.

"I'm sorry to hear this," Said her parents.

While Holly offered to help dress the reindeer for the Harvestfestival, her mother slipped back into the house and fixed some tea.

Holly's mother thought for a moment while she stirred her tea. Suddenly, her face lightened. She thought that she might have an answer. She went down the hallway and up into the attic. Inside a large ironbound trunk was a set of shiny green damask curtains which once belonged to Holly's Grandmotherwho had bought them from an old Gypsy woman years ago. The curtains are magic and will fit any size of window. I will use the material to make a new dress for Holly. It will fit perpectly.

"Oh, Mother, what have you been doing?" asked Holly when she returned to the house.

Holly in the attic "Surprise!" her mother said, as she presented Holly with the new dress. Holly was so happy. She was thankful for all of her mother's hard work and kindness.

Helina announced that they had better get ready for the Harvestfest dance. First Holly and Helina took nice relaxing bubble baths. Then she and her mother had lots of fun squirting each other with the good bayberry perfume, and doing each other's hair. Suddenly Holly turned quiet when she realized that she would have to wear her old shoes to the Harvestfest.

Holly's New Dress

Just then, Olaf, Holly's father entered the room producing a pair of carved and painted wooden shoes from behind his back, saying, "Look what I have! I saw those silly goats chewing up your new shoes, Holly, so I cleaned up your old ones and decorated them just for you."

Holly put them on her feet. She had a feeling that this Harvestfest would be one she would never forget.

Holly's wooden shoes

Holly's wooden shoes

Chapter Four - Pies and Goblins