The Deerkeeper of Kral

Olaf Larson Goodjul was a Reindeerkeeper, whose job it was to make sure that all of the reindeer were healthy and happy. Each reindeer was to have good food, cool water, a warm blanket, fresh straw, and a clean stall in the barn to sleep in. Olaf could understand reindeer language, and enjoyed talking with the reindeer while he groomed them. The reindeer loved Olaf too. They told him things about themselves and their families. Even when they were very tired, they pulled the heavy sleigh home to return Olaf and his family to safety.

Olaf and the reindeer

Olaf And The Raindeer

Helina, Olaf's wife, came into the stable with new silk reindeer tassels that she had just finished making for the deer to wear in the Harvestfest parade. She patted big Anders' nose and softly told him that he was a magnificent creature. Anders nuzzled Helina on the cheek, which tickled her.

"The reindeer are groomed, and Kris Kringle just delivered our Harvestfest bells. We are ready to dress the reindeer," Olaf said to his wife.

"Our daughter, Holly is looking forward to the Harvestfest today. I think that she wants to see Kris Kringle. She baked a delicious pumpkin pie," said Helina. "Which of the deer will pull our wagon tonight, Olaf?"

"All of them except Prancer and Vixen. That's because lately, when they start to run, those two float above my head. Just look at them, now. Only in an old elf town like Kral do things like this happen. Some of the other deerkeepers have noticed that some of their deer are floating too. Interesting, isn't it?" Olaf said.

Chapter Three - The Magic Green Dress