All was going well at Lake Ess. Queen Jadwiga spoke for the village council when she requested that the two most important crops be grown inside the village walls for security reasons. Therefore, Jeff Parsnips grew the mushrooms in the basement of the castle where they thrived.

As cabbages do well in cooler weather, they were grown in an inner ward which was equipped with polarponics and temperature sensors. One morning, just before the village was to have its first harvest of cabbages, they noticed that one-third of the crop was gone! The footprints of arctic trademice were spotted. The arctic trademice had raided the cabbage ward for food and left a parts of broken toys which they found abandoned in places.

Kris and Nicholas Kringle, Queen Jadwiga, and the Village Council met to discuss what to do about the problem of the trademice raiders. Princess Kasia had a solution. They would build scarecrow snowmen.

So Kris and Nicholas and the Queen and all the councilors went out into the cabbage ward and made a lot of scarecrow snowman in all different sizes. Some were fathers, some were mothers and some were children.

Helina Goodjul thought that they looked charming but that they looked very cold. She and her daughters Merry and Noel brought down the trunk from the attic in which she kept the things that her mother had gotten from the Gypsies. There were many stocking caps, gloves and scarves. Kris, and his wife Holly, and Nicholas Kringle helped Holly's parents and sisters in putting the colorful clothing on the snowfolk.

There must have been some magic in those good old clothes they found, for when they placed them on the snowfolk heads they began to dance around and yell Boo!

The North Poles watched happily and greeted the snowfolk. The snowfolk became aware of the North Poles, returning their greetings and asking the North Poles to give them names. The North Poles loved the snowfolk and made them homes of snow so they could live in peace with their families. The snowfolk loved to guard the cabbage ward, but they soon made an arrangement to grow a certain amount of the cabbage just for the trademice in return for all kinds of broken toys they found which could be repaired and given to the children of the village.

Another good thing was that the snowfolk thrived on the polarponic solution in the snow. Anytime a piece of snow fell off of a snowman, they patched it with the polarponic snow and the snowman was then as good as new.