Wahh!! hehehe Thanks for the piccy, love! *kisses* One of these days I hope it'll be moi you're coming to meet! *wink* Sounds promising about the eye. I'm pleased you're using the CD... it's the single best thing I've ever encountered for aiding the healing process. It also opens up avenues into other areas. :) Light of Egypt is almost ready to roll out. We had planned to make it today, but we've decided to be pragmatic and wait until we've had two weeks of testing in house to ensure smooth operation. Soon as this login script is done, I'll be able to focus more narrow. With very much love, you are in my thoughts! XXXXXXXXX ;)

Gracious - what an IM :) I'm hard to pin down lately. I'll get on and deactivate Min's dick right away - by the time you read this, it'll be gone, gone, gone. More links the better, coming in. As for the role-play site links, it's still under consideration. My friend has cancer and I have a virus like chicken pox... we're waging a war and winning - even if it doesn't sound like it! :) Faith, and a knowing of how things really are, beyond this veil of illusion. With love to you. With all my love to you! *kisses* Message From: Maresh posted at Monday, July 1st 2002, 11:33 PM Message Text WOW!!!!! That's some kind of dream, my dear! I'm both honoured and flattered to have played a part in its inspiration, execution and culmination! *grin* May it be one of many such dreams, and may the Light never cease to drive the darkness from every corner of your dwelling in this life. With Light and Love - mrS Message From: Maresh posted at Tuesday, July 16th 2002, 08:49 AM Message Text I love you. *smile* Dearest Kasia As I mentioned earlier, the artists have now seen your "Light Book" and were quite enchanted with your work. They have no objection at all to you publishing it on your website, or anywhere else you feel it might reach out to those who would benefit. Indeed, they said they were delighted that their work had inspired you to create such a wonderful story from their pictures! They have, however, suggested a few minor changes to your text and Marc Behr, our webmaster, has taken the liberty of incorporating these into a copy of your web pages. Marc has also tidied up the HTML code and put an image map link on the cover page and image link on the last page to direct interested readers to the website - provided that you approve, of course! All the files are attached in a compressed (Zip) folder. All you need to do is unzip it and upload the files to your server. The artists were most insistent that I convey their thanks to you for the beautiful and inspiring way in which you have interpreted their work. They also said that it has always been their intention to create illustrated Egyptian story books and thank you for giving them further encouragement. Light, Life and Love Marc XXX ft to man but.....oh good...a min then. *S* KaRaThutmose: back, thank you *smile* mareshruru: welcome!! [] mareshruru: I had a nice time with Rachel last night, in any case! *smile* KaRaThutmose: make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other is gold. mareshruru: true!! KaRaThutmose: girl guides. mareshruru: Be prepared!!! (Boy Scouts) KaRaThutmose: on my honor, I will try to do my best to help the boyscouts get undressed. mareshruru: LOL!!! In my day, the guides could always be relied upon to do just that! Rachel was a Queen's Guide, and I was a scout leader!! Dib Dib! KaRaThutmose: what is Dib? mareshruru: Oh, it's just something they say... means nothing. mareshruru: Like Tally-ho! [] KaRaThutmose: ok ah. mareshruru: She wanted me to be in her mouth and her cunt at the same time! KaRaThutmose: in cyber space or real life... mareshruru: RL! [] In bed, in the next room mareshruru: last night KaRaThutmose: what did you do? KaRaThutmose: giggle mareshruru: Well, I was sucking her clit as she was sucking my cock... we were both on the brink and she stopped to speak... KaRaThutmose: and mareshruru: she said "I wish I could taste you and feel you shooting into my fanny at the same time, you know?!" KaRaThutmose: and so you.... mareshruru: So I told her to carry on, but to stop when I said..... I continued sucking and licking her with my thumb inside her.... she came around my thumb as I was licking her clitoris and sucking it between my lips..... KaRaThutmose: ah the pretzel position. hahahah mareshruru: feeling her contractions, and her breath fanning my balls, sent me over the edge, so I let one spurt shoot into her mouth and at the same time, told her to STOP!!!!...... KaRaThutmose: more more... KaRaThutmose: I like it when you mention your balls, btw. mareshruru: then by focussing, I stopped the muscles sending any more of the jets along the vein, pulled myself from her mouth & hands, swung around over her, using my thumb to hold her open and slid my cock into her cunt to feel the final spasms of her climax..... mareshruru: (noted) [] KaRaThutmose: she must have had a good time too. *S* mareshruru: pressed in hard, and deep... and held it there, allowing her to core herself upon my hardness, to feel filled... to grip down upon me so her coming was complete... then held still for a minute as she resolved, ready to climb that short journey again to the peak.... mareshruru: (she wasn't complaining, let's put it that way!) ;) KaRaThutmose: she probably couldn't wait to have you thrust. KaRaThutmose: That filled up feeling is great. mareshruru: her clitoris is hyper-sensitive for a minute just after coming.... so we waited until she was ready to handle more stimulation.... mareshruru: [] so I'm told! KaRaThutmose: It is true. *smile* mareshruru: then I slid my knees under hers, so that her lower legs were over mine and her knees were up off the bed, slightly..... KaRaThutmose: Then did you fall asleep or really give it to her and push her over the brink. mareshruru: Ha!! KaRaThutmose: teasing. mareshruru: i know KaRaThutmose: and........... mareshruru: that changed the angle and made the penetration yet deeper..... KaRaThutmose: wow KaRaThutmose: can she take all of you? mareshruru: I could feel her cervix, still quivering upon the tip of my cock.... (yes - she's a deep one! ) KaRaThutmose: made for each other. *smile* mareshruru: nod - and 20 years of fucking at least once per day, will do that! [] mareshruru: then I began to move, as she began to arch herself up to me.... KaRaThutmose: personal growth is important...the essence of life. KaRaThutmose: Oh that arching!!!!!!!!!!!! mareshruru: her second, and subsequent orgasms, are very fast to arrive.... KaRaThutmose: good job, Maresh mareshruru: and I was still on the point of holding, one spurt into a flood!!.... KaRaThutmose: tell me about it. mareshruru: so when she squeezed her muscles tight around me, and thrust her hips up so that her cunt dragged my foreskin back and forth over the bulb,grinding me against her pelvic bone.... KaRaThutmose: you..... mareshruru: rubbing her vulva, her sensitised clit along the soft skin of my shaft..... KaRaThutmose: Do you really feel sperm moving around in your testicles ready to come out? mareshruru: my control wasn't going to hold, and sure enough, after only a few thrusts, at the moment she cried "come in me! Please!!" the spunk left me in a series of shuddering jets.... about a dozen in all, splashing against her womb as her legs came up to wrap around my back and her cunt began again to spasm, milking my stem into her..... mareshruru: (yes, I can feel it!) [] mareshruru: it's a pressure sensation... that's what moves from one place to another. KaRaThutmose: perfect ending! mareshruru: her hands were around my arse, pulling me right in! KaRaThutmose: You frequently use the word boiling and I can see that. Oh you HAD to come then. KaRaThutmose: good feeling too. mareshruru: Oh yes! No holding back last night!! Tonight, however, was a different matter!! *wink* KaRaThutmose: She went to bed happy again. *goody* KaRaThutmose: wait a minute. KaRaThutmose: You held back from her? mareshruru: yup! Tonight, I came into her from behind, side by side.... (okay) [] mareshruru: she rolled over onto her back, with me still on my side.... KaRaThutmose: You are so very inventive. mareshruru: My left hand was stroking her hair, whilst my right was rubbing her clit..... my mouth was sucking her right nipple and she was playing with her left.... KaRaThutmose: teamwork! mareshruru: her left leg between my thighs, and her right leg up over my hips..... (practice!) KaRaThutmose: Yeah, I am being entertained trying to picture all of this. voyeur. mareshruru: just the tip of me inside her... she was working her muscles to keep me hard... mareshruru: [] mareshruru: it was quick, tonight, 'cos she needed a send-me-to-sleep fuck.... KaRaThutmose: [] mareshruru: so i rubbed, in the way she likes best to get off quick, and she came around me.... KaRaThutmose: The nice part about you guys is that you are so very flexible...ha mentaly and physicly. mareshruru: as she did, I slid in deep and again, held still as her body shook and tensed upon me... KaRaThutmose: ahhhhhhhh mareshruru: moved my right knee and thigh up over her tummy.... mareshruru: held my fingers still so she could move upon them as she wished..... KaRaThutmose: that is fun mareshruru: tangled my fingers in her hair and stroked her cheek as I moved up a little to kiss her in her climax.... KaRaThutmose: she should kiss those fingers. mareshruru: [] mareshruru: then..... KaRaThutmose: more.... mareshruru: pulled up the covers, covered her with them, slipped out of bed and came in here, bidding her a goodnight and sweet dreams, leaving her with that contented, "I'm loved!" grin! [] mareshruru: So I've saved myself, tonight!! *wink* KaRaThutmose: perfect 1 mareshruru: You like? KaRaThutmose: that was fun. You are a good lover, or husband as the case may be. KaRaThutmose: I think you can be affectionate. mareshruru: I hope so! KaRaThutmose: yes. *smile* mareshruru: So, would you like to do something with this flagpole? [] KaRaThutmose: Like run it up and see how it flies? or lick it? mareshruru: whatever you wish m'dear - it's at your disposal, so to speak! *grin* KaRaThutmose: Maresh lie with me here in the orchard . KaRaThutmose: on the soft blanket. mareshruru: under that beautiful cherry tree KaRaThutmose: let me kiss you, under the cherry tree mareshruru: and let the soft, warm, early-summer breeze blow the petals like pink snowflakes over our naked bodies... KaRaThutmose: let me kiss you and stroke your face and explore your nice beard. the music is beautiful and gentle like the falling petals. KaRaThutmose: they graze our recumbant bodies. KaRaThutmose: soft, pink, skinlike KaRaThutmose: spring mareshruru: mmmmmm...... though I should say that after earlier, it's not going to be long before your tender ministrations will bring forth fruit! [] KaRaThutmose: I caress your arms and back moving toward your breasts. mareshruru: lick my nipples, please.... bite around the peaks... KaRaThutmose: it will be the harvest of a dream whenever. mareshruru: rub them with yours... KaRaThutmose: as if they were ripe sweet cherries. KaRaThutmose: together our breasts and cherry red nipples. KaRaThutmose: sucking mareshruru: your ripe fruit against my pips.... mareshruru: climb on me, if you wish... KaRaThutmose: yes, i love it.... one min I beg.... mareshruru: my hand around my shaft, holding it up for you.... mareshruru: yes.. KaRaThutmose: back to thrill to you mareshruru: made some space? ;) KaRaThutmose: I ease myself onto your shaft. KaRaThutmose: down the hall emergency KaRaThutmose: I just love it when you enter. mareshruru: mmmmmm..... feeling your soft lips, opening over me, to take me in, and feeling then the long, slow, wet, warm sliding down my length..... KaRaThutmose: and the rise of your shaft up my slippery cunt KaRaThutmose: growing into the hollows of it KaRaThutmose: I must have you and I grab you.from inside mareshruru: half way down, I jerk my hips up, thrusting the remainder of the hard flesh deep into you, in a surge!!!!!!!! KaRaThutmose: My muscles milking you mareshruru: lifting your womb! Widening your eyes!! Causing a gasp to escape your lips! KaRaThutmose: ah the thrust. KaRaThutmose: I love that so much mareshruru: Mmmmmmme too!! KaRaThutmose: ohhhhhhh i linger in the moment KaRaThutmose: I wish you to jab into me mareshruru: leaning up to lick your breasts as you linger.... KaRaThutmose: to make me take you KaRaThutmose: enen from beneath you can take me mareshruru: clenching my thighs to lift you a little, then stabbing the meat of my cock into your core.... KaRaThutmose: guiding my hips to your rythems mareshruru: I want you to fuck me.... to ride me.... to have at me as you will..... mareshruru: fly your flag on my pole!! KaRaThutmose: I am so hot for you mareshruru: my hands gathering your tits, as my thumbs, wetted at my mouth, rub over the ripe cherries of your nipples.... KaRaThutmose: yes, again and again thrusting upon you impaling myself on you KaRaThutmose: sweet cherry juice KaRaThutmose: lubricating you KaRaThutmose: i ripple for you mareshruru: gripping my flesh on the upstroke, dragging the skin over the arrowhead and then, relaxing at the height, before clenching again to rub hard upon me as your body falls, impaling yourself upon me, taking me into your core.... KaRaThutmose: stroking from within feeling your breasts circling and pinching. KaRaThutmose: ohhhhhhhh mareshruru: your cunt weeping around me, the sweet juice flowing from the plum, wetting my stalk.... KaRaThutmose: so good mareshruru: wetting my nuts.... KaRaThutmose: you make me weak for you KaRaThutmose: but my muscles are strong and will have your juice mareshruru: making a slapping noise as your arse hits my hips with every urgent plunge of your body!!! mareshruru: feel my balls against your secret doorway? KaRaThutmose: the involuntary gasps KaRaThutmose: your body to mine mareshruru: wetting my thumbs again, one at a time... mareshruru: mmmmmmmmm my right hand now sneaking down to your sex, the middle finger sliding into the groove to rub against your clit as you fuck me hard!! KaRaThutmose: I swoon with the feeling of what is to come KaRaThutmose: lunging, rasping mareshruru: hold there!!!!!!! Pause a moment..... KaRaThutmose: cunt grasping KaRaThutmose: staying at your request.ahhhhhh mareshruru: just grip me for a moment (need to reconnect! *smile*) brb KaRaThutmose: looking at yuou KaRaThutmose: holding to the thought. KaRaThutmose: stewing in the juice of our connection mareshruru: okay KaRaThutmose: yes, it is more than okay...it is wonderful mareshruru: [] then do me!!! mareshruru: ride me! KaRaThutmose: the fragrant air your male musk mareshruru: fuck me hard! mareshruru: come on me!! mareshruru: take my seed! KaRaThutmose: yes i want you mareshruru: milk me with your orgasm.... KaRaThutmose: come into me and KaRaThutmose: hold me into your lunge mareshruru: my hands on your shoulders, my hips lifting you from the blanket.... KaRaThutmose: I suck your juice from within my cunt KaRaThutmose: hard into me mareshruru: the slit in my tip pressing into the dip in your cervix.... KaRaThutmose: cleaving me freshly each time. KaRaThutmose: the suction stimulating mareshruru: my spunk headed for your womb, ripping you wide, high and deep, stretching you!! KaRaThutmose: the sound of it KaRaThutmose: oh gods KaRaThutmose: jabing thrills mareshruru: your fingers on your clit, are the base of my cock.... KaRaThutmose: poking KaRaThutmose: oh marc mareshruru: feel the ridge rasping along the walls? KaRaThutmose: oh yes...i thrill mareshruru: feel me lifting you on my hips..... KaRaThutmose: harder KaRaThutmose: pound into me i milk your vein mareshruru: savage thrusts now, fucking each other into oblivion of bliss.... KaRaThutmose: boil and spout KaRaThutmose: yes yes yes mareshruru: the cream rising to the top.... pussy likes cream.... KaRaThutmose: do it now KaRaThutmose: yes splatter mareshruru: suck my spunk into your cunt, lover..... COME ON ME!!!! KaRaThutmose: fill me again KaRaThutmose: oh i juice for you marc KaRaThutmose: sweet and rich for you mareshruru: ready to rip..... tell me the instant of your coming..... KaRaThutmose: rise and spew your spunk KaRaThutmose: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mareshruru: holding ready... KaRaThutmose: oh mareshruru: now? KaRaThutmose: now do now mareshruru: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease KaRaThutmose: give it up into me mareshruru: yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss KaRaThutmose: yes yes KaRaThutmose: noiw KaRaThutmose: errupt KaRaThutmose: gush mareshruru: give it all...... im shooting into you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KaRaThutmose: hard against me KaRaThutmose: oh the arch ing KaRaThutmose: twice. KaRaThutmose: if you were here mareshruru: put your fingers inside.... that's my cock filling you... jerking jets of hot cream into you..... KaRaThutmose: oh oh ahhhhhhhhh mareshruru: if i were there, you'd be screaming in ecstasy KaRaThutmose: i just lost control a minute KaRaThutmose: i mareshruru: good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [] mareshruru: let it go... who needs control KaRaThutmose: oh man mareshruru: oh woman!! KaRaThutmose: I waen't fighting it believe me mareshruru: [] KaRaThutmose: I love your sex mareshruru: right now, my lips would fasten to your clit and i would drink the combined juice.... mareshruru: i love your sex, too!! mareshruru: still coming in dribbles.... KaRaThutmose: you are so good at this. I can't believe it KaRaThutmose: laping it up mareshruru: kiss!! KaRaThutmose: kiss to you too mareshruru: tell me how your sex feels KaRaThutmose: I still can't believe that I got such a physical jerking response. KaRaThutmose: even though my kid was bothering me I persevered and had a few mareshruru: in the tummy. or the cunt? KaRaThutmose: oh I guess in the stomach more...is that OK? mareshruru: sure it is!! [] KaRaThutmose: I sort of double over...can't help it mareshruru: Lovely!!! ;) KaRaThutmose: clit was earlier. *S* KaRaThutmose: how about you? mareshruru: Oooooh!!!! KaRaThutmose: In the cock or in the stomach? mareshruru: Me? A veritable flood!! cf the image! ;) Oh, both really,,, starts in the gut, and travels down and out.... folding over, as you say! [] KaRaThutmose: yes, it travels but afterwards such contentment. KaRaThutmose: and it's all because of you. *S* mareshruru: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm KaRaThutmose: beautiful things cherry trees mareshruru: my favourite! ;) KaRaThutmose: the rain of petals continues and I wrap you in the blanket for a moment of peace. KaRaThutmose: we contemplate the wonder of nature. mareshruru: Mmmmm - purring, contented!! [] Now I will sleep!! hehehe KaRaThutmose: I lov eto hear you say that. mareshruru: You're building up a formidable arsenal to deploy with Wyatt, eh what? ;) mareshruru: I love to *feel* it!! [] KaRaThutmose: I will, by telekenisis float you to your bed. mareshruru: Thank you my dear, and thank you for the lovely day under the tree!! *smile* KaRaThutmose: No he will just do it a few times but unlike the others the friendship will endure between him and me. mareshruru: Nod - that's as it ought to be!! KaRaThutmose: I do not mind terrible if you stop fucking me but I would get bent out of shape if you never wanted to talk with me anymore. mareshruru: I don't do, bent out of shape, so you're okay there! *grin* KaRaThutmose: Oh that means to be terribly disturbed. mareshruru: I know... Katherine uses it all the time! [] You should come to conclude that you don't need to be concerned about that, by now, I think! [] mareshruru: I have been told that I may tell you this.... KaRaThutmose: I still have some weaknesses. *s* I am learning not to be demanding and expecting. *s* I like to watch that in you. mareshruru: [] KaRaThutmose: what I am all ears. KaRaThutmose: I miss seeing Maresh is typing a message. mareshruru: There are many parts to a person.... some gross, some subtle, some ephemeral..... all are brought together for the purpose of living a life. When the body, which is but one tiny part of the whole, "dies", those other parts leave the earth plane at differing rates... some taking many months to leave. It is important that so far as is possible, the body be allowed to decay in the way that nature has ordained, rather than to be reduced to ash, with some of those parts still resident. One *can* be re-membered, but there is damage that cannot be easily undone, and then, not without costs into the future incarnations. mareshruru: I can't tell you details because they are matters of the greater mysteries, but that should suffice to underline the basis of the practice, I hope. KaRaThutmose: thank you and them. I was going to be cremated and so is Sekhmet. I don't know if you missed that from the other day. KaRaThutmose: One time I sor t of teasingly asked her if she was going to be mummified and she waid not that it would be too hard for her people to carry her around so she will be creameted. mareshruru: No, I didn't miss it. I know what she intends, and it's a matter for her and her own beliefs. It's not for one to influence another beyond their own belief in this matter. mareshruru: *smile* She's not that big! [] KaRaThutmose: interesting. I like to think on what else these things might mean. mareshruru: There's a lot to be said for reading between lines! [] KaRaThutmose: and with you it could be a full time occupation mareshruru: *grin* yes, verbose at times, am I not? [] KaRaThutmose: and full of in beetween the lines. Jonamun complimented you on the use of the English language btw.. I spilled the beans to him and told him you were English, if you dont mind. He probably suspected. mareshruru: I presumed he knew. He asked me about a phrase, and when I told him, said that he would probably be asking more!! [] KaRaThutmose: messy said that you were a genius and that it was so nice to watch over tyhe work. KaRaThutmose: He seems to be a very thurough thinker. mareshruru: *blush* I like that girl!! She must have seen my Mensa card! [] KaRaThutmose: Mirjam likes to talk to him. she says she could talk to him all day. mareshruru: Jonamun? KaRaThutmose: I almost told her that and then I told myself no to because that is too personal. KaRaThutmose: Ipuwer mareshruru: Yes, he has an easy style and a talent with imagery. I love his stuff. mareshruru: What's too personal? KaRaThutmose: telling her that you are in Mensa mareshruru: Ah, thanks! [] mareshruru: I doubt she'd be put off by it, but some would be (have been) KaRaThutmose: sometimes that can cause a barrier between people and it might impede your work. mareshruru: Exactly so - and a false one, at that... it really means nothing in the scheme of things KaRaThutmose: No she is probably having the credentials to be in it herself. KaRaThutmose: well numbers...of IQ...not good to focus on over much. mareshruru: I'd not be in the least surprised to find her name listed on the US manifest! [] KaRaThutmose: There are many, I suspect that could be there. KaRaThutmose: Actually, she complemented me to tell me that in you I have met a mental match.l hahah mareshruru: I can't iron for shit, and my geography is next to useless! It's more a matter of application that raw potential! [] *smile* Well, there you go, then! mareshruru: I think we do alright!! [] KaRaThutmose: If I had a choice between intelligence and wisdom I think I would choose the latter. KaRaThutmose: When I was a teen ager I went out with the number two guy in his class mareshruru: Right, I'm going to have a quick look into the world of Pan, and thence to bed!! Oh, definitely... intelligence is to be preferred over intellect, any day of the week, and wisdom is the mistress of both servants. KaRaThutmose: Then I married the valedictorian of his class mareshruru: [] And look where that got you! KaRaThutmose: but now I am fucking a genius...have fun mareshruru: LOL! And fucking one very well, I have to say!!! KISS! KaRaThutmose: Kiss.. Kiss KaRaThutmose: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX You are such fun. mareshruru: Have a good night, and thanks again! I'll hope to have another wall finished by this time tomorrow night!! [] cya KaRaThutmose: ditto Here is what Jim Loy had. He also had an Egyptian to English. You can see herre though that a transliteration would be helpful.

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