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Welcome to my home, KaRa Thutmose

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Original paintings of Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt


Behold! The Holy Well of Memory and Revelation which is within the
Island of the Eternal Flame that guards the Sacred House of RA!

O come Ye that have laboured and are pure Within; Ascend the Steps of
Wisdom that NET, the sweet Mother and Huntress has set up for thee.

For she harvests the ripe corn in its season, and her arrows pain not, but like
the golden shafts of the Wise, do lead to Liberation and Enlightenment.

The Maiden Guardians of the sparkling Waters of Revelation shall
then unite "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" into one eternal
PRESENT, which is Truth, and Light, and Consciousness Divine.

Then shall ye know the Spirit Soul that watches over you
and dwell within the embrace of those protecting wings forever.

For, verily, whosoever drinketh from this Well
shall never thirst again in all Eternity.

A Companion

Life, Light, Love and Peace Profound

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but I'm Roman.

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but I'm Roman.

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My Novels:

En Intw Djerew Henet : The Limit of Art Cannot Be Attained

My Reference Books:

ACME Web Factory
The Copper Pot
Per Netjer
The Mystery School

My Friends:

Ta Shera
Lakshmi Bai
Sekhmet Meritamen

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