In a rare find, archaeologists working on a dig outside of Dublin have found the remains of a small villa buried under a parking lot outside of a busy shopping centre. The ruins are estimated to be nearly two thousand years old from the results of a carbon dating taken from a splinter of a fallen rafter timber. Although the roof had fallen in, archaeologists, found marvelously well preserved furniture, dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, scores of gold buttons, and even shoes and clothing in an excellent state of preservation.

It seems that the inhabitants of the village had a marked preference for wearing different hues of green clothing. Judging by the sizes of the clothing and the height of the chair legs, it was once thought that the villa might have been populated by children, but today experts have put forth the theory that it might be a leprechaun villa.

Some archaeologists are wasting their time trying to see if the leprechauns imported prefab manufactured roof tiles made in Rome, but others are methodically overturning every inch of the olde sod trying to find the pot of gold which would authenticate the find as belonging to the little people otherwise known as leprechauns.

Zahi O'Toole has been quoted as saying, "Who knows what lies buried under the grass of Ireland."

Ha Ha! Shamrock Fools Day! I simply had to do this. I apologize to the serious diggers out there in the Village.