The Hunt Room

The exit wall of the chariot room shows an aquatic life vignette on either side of the doorway. Even the average Egyptian enjoys an outing to hunt and fish along the Nile.

The tall papyrus on the left of the entrance with the cat and the ichneumon is from the tomb of Menna (no. 69) Thebes. A duck and fish from the same tomb follow. the locust on the top of the papyrus stalk is from the tomb of Haremhab (no. 78) Thebes. the right hand side of the doorway features a scene from apiece of a floor in one of the Akhetaten palaces. The goose is from Meidum, the tomb of Itet.

The long wall of the hunt room features Tjeti with his throwing sticks. Queen Sekhmet and their daughter Amunofret attend him. His brothers AmunNakht and SiAmen accompany Tjeti on the hunt in another boat. At present AmunNakht has lost his leg but through the magic of painting he is made whole. The Nile sports many kinds of fish which swim in between the lush papyrus thickets and beautiful lotus beds. Wildlife abounds with ducks and other waterfowl. Butterflies and dragonflies fan the air.

This mural is composed of doctored up elements from the fowling scene from the tomb of Nakht (no. 52) Thebes the Princess Amunofret is the daughter of Sennudam (no. 1) Thebes. The queen is an old avatar from someone's home from a long time ago. I regret that cannot remember from where it came.

This gable end shows the all important activity of harvesting what has been planted. Everyone got involved with the harvest whether cutting grain or tallying the results.

The grain harvest is from the tomb of Menna (no. 69) Thebes. This continues until the lady with the long hair. The grouping on the right, the lady with the long hair is from Sennedjem's burial chamber.

The gable at the opposite end Shows the members of Tjeti's family enjoying themselves in the great house. Looking from left to right we see Princess Tetisheri who enjoys the garden under a grape arbor. Her mother the Senet Nisut, Kemsit, sister of the king, sits at the loom. His Majesty is next shown in an odd pose. I drew a picture of a statue which I had made and gave to him as a present for his coronation. This I put here as it looks when one looks at the statue head on. Queen Sekhmet is seated facing His Majesty next followed by the Princess Amunofret. Lastly Senetites, another sister of Tjeti, and so another Senet Nisut, enjoys the grape arbor.

This scene was built upon an avatar which Kemsit had in her home. The picture is probably public domain. I borrowed the image to use for Kemsit herself, and used the columns to construct a palace garden facade. The grape arbors are my own drawings. The two figures under the grape arbors representing the ladies Tetisheri on the left and Senetites on the right are from an old avatar of someone's that I can't remember. The middle statue of Tjeti was drawn by me. The queen is from Nefertari's tomb. It is from the scene of her playing senet. Amunofret is the daughter of Sennudem (no.1) Thebes.

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