Tomb Offerings

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These amulets are a gift from
the Hemet Netjer Tepet ne Aset
Protective amulets such as these were often found inside the mummy wrappings.

A diorite stature of His Majesty Tjeti
and the Goddess Sekhmet
from the two Ladies,
Ir-en-Wadjet and Reshwet-net-Nekhbet
This statue shows the Goddess Sekhmet embracing Tjeti. It is special because it is the Goddess which the Great Royal Wife both serves and is named after.

from the Mayor of Thebes
This gold pectoral shows the falcons, symbolic of Horus protecting the king's cartouche.

from Djebawti son of the mayor
Another beautiful and colorful pectoral with the king's cartouche.

from SenRe son of the Mayor

to Her Majesty Sekhmet from
Kherhet,daughter of the mayor, an oil lamp

from Queen Sekhmet to her husband, a senet gameboard.

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