Common Ancient Egyptian Phrases and Words a'nekh djet! Ancient Egyptian live for ever!

admiral Ancient Egyptian imey-er-a'hew

ankh Ancient Egyptian a symbol meaning life, often used in the expression Ankh! Udja! Seneb! which is frequently employed to wish the King of Egypt Life! Strength! and Health!

architect Ancient Egyptian qed m. qedet f.

Aw ibek Ancient Egyptian (or aw ibetj when speaking to a woman) - may your heart rejoice!

baker Ancient Egyptian retehtey m. retehtet f.

baket From the Middle Egyptian /bkt/ - a female servant. Submitted by Katherine beautiful Ancient Egyptian nefer, also can mean good

brother Ancient Egyptian sen

captain Ancient Egyptian sekhrey

citizen Ancient Egyptian niewet

daughter Ancient Egyptian sat

Dua Netjer en ek! Ancient Egyptian Thank you! (or "Thank God for you!" - to a man),Dua Netjer en etj! - to a woman.

Egypt Ancient Egyptian Kemet

Em heset net Ra Ancient Egyptian be in favor with Ra! (or pick any other god)

Em Hotep Ancient Egyptian with or in peace, this is frequently used as a greeting.

Em hotep nefer Ancient Egyptian in great peace!

Em hotep nefer weret Ancient Egyptian in very great peace!

farewell Ancient Egyptian senebty

father Ancient Egyptian it

general Ancient Egyptian imey-er mesha'

god Ancient Egyptian neter, netjer goddess netjert

great Ancient Egyptian wer

haitey Ancient Egyptian Mourner

hatey-a' Ancient Egyptian nomarc or chief

heart Ancient Egyptian ib, ab

hello Ancient Egyptian iiti

hem, hemet Ancient Egyptian husband, wife Hem Netjer, Hemet Netjer Gods servant or wife

hem-ek Ancient Egyptian Your Majesty, (hem-etj to a female pharaoh)

herey-tep mayor, heret tep f. mayor

hi yeh

house per

ib Egyptian heart

iiti hello!

iiwy Egyptian welcome

ikey Stonemason

imey-er overseer

imey-er-a'ha'ew admiral

imey-er-mesha' general

Imi-ib Middle Egyptian: "heart's desire." In usage, one's beloved or darling. Submitted by Katherine

it father

itja thief

Kemet word for Egypt

lady nebet


ta leader seshmew

life ankh, a symbol often used in the expression Ankh! Udja! Seneb! which is frequently employed to wish the King of Egypt Life! Strength! and Health!

lord neb

medjay In function, the guards of the western deserts. Traditionally, the name was attached to the specific tribe of nomads who operated between Nubia and Egypt in the western deserts. They pledged fealty to the Egyptians during the Hyksos period, as they were the ones who intercepted the well-known letter between the Nubians and Hyksos which formed the alliance against Kamose at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty. In reward, Kamose rewarded the Medjay by making them part of the royal guards for sacred lands. Not quite police, not simply security, the Medjay were a quasi-paramilitary force dedicated strictly to royal house concerns (Sources: Lacovara and Markowitz. 2000. Crime and Punishment. In D.B Redford, (ed.), Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, I: 319. Oxford: Oxford University Press) Submitted by Katherine

merchant shewtey

mewet mother

midwife tjemset

mother mewet

mourner haitey

neb lord, Neb-i my Lord

nebet lady, Nebet-i my Lady

nefer Ancient Egyptian beautiful or good

Nefer sedjmek (or nefer sedjmetj when addressing a woman) - may you hear only good things! (a common ending for letters)

netjer, netjret, god m., goddess f.,

niewtey Citizen

Nisu royal One, King, if used alone sometimes Nesew

niwet town

nomarc hatey-a'

nome sepat

overseer imey-er

peace hetep or hotep, often used in the greeting em hotep - in peace

per a house, n.b. the great house, Per aA became synonymous with the Peraa, or Pharaoh of Egypt.

pet sky

physician sewnu

pr anx Middle Egyptian: "the house of life." A repository of written knowledge used by priest, noble, and king. In short, a sacred library containing the sum of knowledge.

qed architect, qedet f.

retehtey Baker retehtet f.

royal nisew, nisu m. nisut f.

sa, sat son, daughter

sailor seqdew

scribe sesh

sD n Drt A towel.

sedjauty sedjauty, sealbearer or treasurer sedjaut,f.

sekhrey Captain

sekhtey weaver sekhtet f.

sen, senet brother, sister

Senebti (be well) farewell

sepat nome

seqdew Sailor

sesh scribe

seshmew leader

sewnu physician

shewtey Merchant

sister senet

sky pet

soldier Ancient Egyptian wa'ew

son sa

sSn Middle Egyptian for the blue and white water lily flowers found in the Nile, colloquially and modernly called the "Egyptian lotus." In botanical terms, Nymphaea caerulea (blue) and Nymphaea savigny (white). See more on 'lotus' in this section (and/or the dictionary).

stonemason ikey

ta land, tawy

- thief itja

tjatey Vizier

tjemset Midwife

treasurer Ancient Egyptian sedjauty m. also sealbearer sedjaut,f.

wa'ew Soldier

weaver sekhtey m. sekhtet f.

wer great

wife Ancient Egyptian hemet, hemet netjer is God's wife, or servant

xpS Middle Egyptian: curved sword of the New Kingdom, with an inner cutting surface. Colloquially known today as a "sickle sword", it dffers from the Arabic/Tukish scimitar due to its inner cutting edge. Most popular during the Ramesside period (Hoffmeier 2000. Military Materiel. In D.B. Redford, (ed), Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt II: 408. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

yeh hi