The History

The would be occupants of this tomb are fictional, along with the historical time frame in which they are set. Just for fun, we imagined a world where, at the time of Julius Caesar, around 43 B.C. there were still native born Pharaohs seated upon the double throne who ruled the two lands securely, undominated by Rome, and living as rulers of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties would have done.

Tjeti, our Pharaoh, was the High Priest of Amun who ascended the throne when the old Pharaoh plunged the country into a decline. His Great Royal Wife, Sekhmet Meritamen, is a priestess of Sekhmet and a physician.

Gebi, their royal architect, has just put the finishing touches on their tomb which Pharaoh has prepared against his death and that of his Great Royal Wife. From now until they die, they will compile goods for their afterlife.

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